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I'm a code wizard and animation ninja

Create, Build, Test, Create again... Taking what I learn to build games better, faster, stronger!

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My skills

Because I have a technical and artistic background, versatility is my game. Speaking of games... Ive built a variety of games, from Slots and Bingo, to match 3 and Hidden Objects. If I haven't built it, then its a challenge I am ready to take on!




Game UI/UX Design





Design Artist

I build games! My time at mNectar was spent analyzing and taking apart games, then using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to recreate them for an interactive ad experience. Because of the start-up lifestyle, I was lucky enough to evolve from an animator to an animator with code skills.


Codify Student

Codify helped me to dive deeper into front end development and become a code ninja. Core concepts were solidified and so the games I build can be more detailed, have better features, and run faster.

2007 - 2010

Expression College for Digital Arts

With help from industry professionals, I learned to create Storyboards, Concept Art, 3D Modeling, Texture Mapping, Compositing, Animation, each in 5 week terms.


I loved working with Courtney, she thinks fast on her feet, we needed to do a quick redesign of a basic game and she had all the elements switched out in less then two hours. I wouldn't call her super woman, but thats just to protect her identify!

Sam Brody / Codify Academy

Throughout my time with Courtney at mNectar, she was continuously in high spirits and always easy to work with. Ever vigilant in her commitment to the team, she has grown to become an immensely reliable member that completed projects on time and with detail. She always made the most of the tools provided and challenged herself to create more and more beautiful animations. I have total confidence she will continue to work hard in her current and future roles.

Dan Ostrovsky / mNectar

Courtney is an outstanding animator and a superb team player. She has continually created high quality campaigns. Her inventiveness and creative spark separates her from the pool of animators in the field. Courtney’s impressive originality in concepts and animation are not just visually enticing, but also smart, and play well into the subject matter of each campaign. She creates the kind of eye candy that compels users, and drive awesome conversions. I would highly recommend Courtney to anyone looking for a true creative thinker and skilled animator.

Jonathan Cappolino / mNectar

Courtney is an excellent developer who asks great questions and is very detail oriented. She is great at creating beautiful projects with cool functionality. She's also tons of fun to be around too. I would definitely work with Courtney again given the chance.

Matt Brody / Codify Academy

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USA, California,
19193 Allendale Avenue, Saratoga 95070
+1 707 704 5412